What makes Citywide different?


1.      Submission to the Authority of the Bible for all beliefs and practices.

Many churches will attempt to explain away the clear teachings and commands of the Bible on certain issues because of political correctness, contemporary controversies, fear of man, personal opinions, etc. We believe the Bible is True and always will be on every area and issue of life. 2 Timothy 3:16-17

2.      Pleasing God above everyone and anything else.

In everything we do we first want to ask the question: “Is God pleased with this?” Many churches start by asking the questions, “Will people like this? Will it draw a crowd? Will people be offended by this? etc.” We want to be first and foremost sensitive to the Holiness of God. Because of this principle, we only promote living a pure lifestyle, conservative sacred music (hymns), and emphasizing evangelistic and preaching methods that place dependence upon God for conversions instead of human inventions. Acts 5:29

3.      Truth & Charity.

Some people fall to the extreme of being so much about truth that they become cold, arrogant, and harsh. Others fall to the extreme of being overly sensitive to people’s feelings that they compromise doctrine and fail to proclaim the whole counsel of God. At Citywide we desire to have the heart of Jesus, which is to speak the truth boldly and unapologetically, but with a spirit of meekness, grace and love. Ephesians 4:15

4.      Practicing Personal and Ecclesiastical Separation.

Many Christians and churches base their affiliations and friendship with others on a simple profession of faith in “God”, or “Jesus.” We believe in separating fellowship or denying participation with individuals and organizations that call themselves Christians when they are in disobedience to the Word of God. The basis of fellowship is obedience to God, not just saying you’re “Christian.” 2 Thessalonians 3:6 

5.      Citywide is an Independent church.

This means that we are not underneath the authority of any particular denomination. We are self-governing and self-funded. We are not dictated from anyone else about our beliefs, teachings, programs, or how we use finances. We choose to operate this way because God has chosen to work through local churches, and because power tends to corrupt.

We are “Baptist” by beliefs and not denomination; which means that our beliefs are closely related to what Baptist churches have historically believed.

6.      Cultural Diversity.

Commitment to Jesus and the Bible is what we desire to all have in common at Citywide, regardless of our social/economic status, race, or national backgrounds. We value diversity and find joy in loving and serving Jesus in unity with people who are very different from each other otherwise!